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Turcaf is a client of the African Export Association, an export corridor stretching from Turkey to the African continent. Its aim is to bring together manufacturers in Turkey and buyers in Africa on a digital platform to offer cooperation and trade opportunities, and to increase commercial cooperation by moving the traditional forum logic to a digital platform.

Turcaf aims to solve the problem created by companies in Turkey trying to increase their export volumes by participating in limited forum organizations. By bringing the traditional forum logic to digital, it offers a timeless export development solution with the online platform, thus enabling businesses to evaluate their export potential more effectively.

Turcaf’s services offer significant advantages for manufacturers and exporting companies in Turkey. These advantages include global reach, time and cost savings, flexible programming, easy communication and document sharing, reaching a large audience, and more efficient monitoring and tracking.

Turcaf focuses on two different target groups, namely the manufacturers and exporters in Turkey and the buyers who want to buy products in Africa. It organizes separate campaigns for both target audiences and aims to meet the needs of both groups in the best way with different communication languages and advertising creatives.

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